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Michael Grant For State Representative 133rd District

Community First

My name is Michael Grant.  I am a resident of the 133rd State Assembly District.  I reside in Fairfield with my wife and two children, both of whom attend Fairfield public schools.  I work locally helping to run my family’s small business, and in my spare time, I enjoy volunteering as a local youth football coach.  These past two years enduring the stresses of the pandemic have been difficult for all of us.  I have a deep love for our community and have seen firsthand the remarkable strength of our residents and neighbors.  

I also recognize and acknowledge the negative impact that two years of executive authority rule has had on our economy and mental health.  I believe in local control, parental choice, and a true representative government. We need a representative in the state legislature who will listen, respond to, and represent the best interests of all of us as neighbors.  This type of representation has been lacking in the 133rd.  For these reasons, I have decided to run for State Representative in the 133rd district.

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What I Stand For

  • You, not a party caucus

  • Local control, that includes local decision making for zoning, eliminating the loopholes that allow for predatory development under the 8-30g statute.

  • Parental rights, because parents know what is best for their children, not Hartford politicians.

  • Improving our economy by lowering taxes, including the sales tax.

  • Allowing municipalities to set regulations and fees that ensure safe streets and provide revenue to maintain our facilities.

  • Supporting law enforcement's efforts to keep our community safe.

  • Representative government, no long-term extensions of executive powers.

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